Stop wearing out that START button!

Matt Findlay - 26/10/2021


We have had many requests for there to be an option for the annealer to anneal the case once it is inserted without the need to press the START button. We have now made that feature a reality and this article should explain how to activate it or deactivate it accordingly.

The latest update ( S=0.89j M=A.16t) as well as adding some additional AZTEC pilot codes (patch notes here) also adds the new Auto Run feature.
This allows the Annealer to auto detect and anneal a case once it is inserted into the annealer without the need to press the START button. This feature can be enabled or disabled inside the new SELECT AUTO menu.

Selecting this menu will show two options, On or Off. The one which is flashing will be the selected setting.

When activated, inserting cases into the already pre set annealer will automatically anneal them without the need to press the START button.
This new mode only effects manual annealing. When using the AMP Mate or performing an ANALYSIS on a new case normal operation remains the same. (You will still need to press the START button to perform an analysis.)

NOTE: Do not activate this feature with a case already inserted into the inductor. If the mode is activated and then a setting is entered the annealer will anneal that case once the annealer goes "live".

This new feature is compatible with any AMP Annealer above serial number 160050.