Patch notes

Here you can see what each update changes on the Annealer, AMP Press and AMP Mate. The most recent change will be at the top.

 AMP Press

Version 3.4.1 (Win) 

  1. Hot fix where some traces would cause the auto retract function to happen if the trace flatlined for a long enough period. 

AMP Press

Version 3.4.0 (Win) 3.4.0 (Mac)

  1. Bug fix where sometimes the ram would not return during Find X Zero

AMP Press

Version 3.3.0 (Win) 3.3.0 (Mac)

  1. Adds Export to CSV, PDF and Image
  2. Adds Dark Mode
  3. Adds Show Log Directory
  4. Added new load cell detection parameters in firmware to prevent the ram from maxing out due to not detecting a change in force in the load cell. (if disconnected or interpreted).
  5. Fixed a bug where the green light would start flashing when connected via USB after a while.
  6. Added “Find X Zero successful” conformation as well as “find X Zero Failed” (if insufficient force detected).
  7. Added auto return after 1 second condition when GO is pressed without the load cell detecting a change in force.
    (To prevent the ram from pressing down without a change in load cell reading). This shows the error message "No loadcell data detected."
  8. Added X,Y current coordinates to the mouse cursor when it is in the chart area (displayed in the bottom left corner) 
  9. File name of the active session now shown in the legend.
  10. Save session now split into Save and Save as.
  11. Improved diagnostics between firmware and app.

AMP Press

Version 3.1.2 (Win) 3.1.2 (Mac)

  1. Adds Bluetooth
  2. Sets max weight value to 10kgs when performing the Find X Zero to prevent wear on motor gearbox

AMP Press

Version (Win) & (Mac)

  1. Complete rewrite of the old code due to some compatibility issues with the original release version.
  2. New installer.
  3. Saving, Loading and Comparing sessions has been totally revamped for simplicity. 
  4. File menu now has "Save session" "Open session" and "Load compare".
  5. Sessions tab removed (functionality now under file tab)
  6. Double clicking on a trace in the legend allows for adding comment as well as change colour.
  7. Auto Run feature now more robust. Added status of load cell in bottom right corner of program when active.
  8. Connection status added to bottom left of program
  9. Ability to toggle visibility of individual traces (eyeball icon) in legend.
  10. Added warning when closing, creating new or loading session with unsaved traces.
  11. Added initial X axis start point and Terminal force to legend 
  12. Added option to view or hide the four sorting options in the view tab
  13. Removed X Y Coordinate cursor (will be added back in next release)
  14. Removed Dark mode (will be added back in next release) 
  15. Many small graphics and display bugs fixed 
  16. Fixed bug where turning off Wifi would remove the license key activation.
  17. Added static numbers to legend (similar to excel) to make it easier to keep track of case position when sorting.

    AMP Press

Version 1.34.114

  1. List of changes:
    Fixed a bug where the Max Force value would not be saved on Mac
  2. Fixed a bug where the Compare session records function would not work on Mac
  3. Fixed a bug where the Bootload function would not work on Mac
  4. Fixed a bug where if Wifi was turned off then it will delete the activation key

AMP Press
Version: 1.32.114
List of changes to release version:

1. Fixed a bug where Find X Zero would not work on the first click.
2. Numerous graphical issues fixed. 
3. Website to download the drivers was incorrect and will now load.
4. Fixed typing issue for pop up windows such as Setup trace.

AMP Press
Version: 1.29.114
List of changes to release version:

1. Space bar now acts the same as clicking ‘GO’ to run a trace.

2. Ability to hide the Legend (to cope with different, smaller, screens.)

3. New report to show the Mean, spread and Standard Deviation under the View menu

4. Fix that erases the traces when running a cycle while empty (no die placed on load cell)

5. Setup of Auto run now under Setup tab and more intuitive.

6. Go ignored unless the ram is in the home position.

7. Start in window mode instead of full screen

8. Manual mode will not move the ram further up past its soft stop (the same goes for down).

9. Colors for the different sessions (3 colours currently)

10. Session off/on working

12. Fixed issue with querying the software version.

13. Rewrote the software for reading the press.

14. Added a menu item to open the sessions directory in explorer to help send files to others or to Amp Annealing.

15. Added saving the units to files and when loading files it will check the units and if different from current will automatically convert them.

16. Added to setup menu some manual features along with raw readings of the sensors for bug checking purposes.

17. Fixed Armed at start up (after Find X Zero).

Version: S=0.89jHD(0-4) M=0.16t
Fixed a bug where the power save mode would activate when using the auto run feature after an extended period.
Fixed a bug where going into SW VERSION under the amp mate setup menu would cause the interface to reset causing the amp mate to lose connection.

Version: 0.45 ESW
Release date: 01/06/2021
Notes: Further improvements to the current limits set on the downwards and upwards motion of the shell holder.

Version: S=0.89jHD(0-4) M=0.16t
Release date: 22/10/2021
Adds the "Auto Run" function
Adds Patent info
Notes: Added AZTEC Pilot codes for the following cases:
416 Barret
42 Russian
45-75 Win
219 Zipper
303 Savage

Version: 0.38 ESW
Release date: 18/07/2020
Notes: Removed the current limit on the return stroke which was causing some units to jam before the eject point.

Version: S=0.89iHD(0-4) M=0.16m
Release date: 14/12/2020
Notes: Added AZTEC Pilot codes for the following cases:

5.45 x 39

22 Grendel

6.5 x 68

6.5 x 300 PRC

8 x 58R Danish

8 x 68 S

357 Herrett

11.15 x 58R Werndl

458 Win. Mag.

11.7 x 51R

460 Steyr

Version:  S=0.89iHD(0-4) M=016k 
Release date: 17/01/2020
Notes: Added AZTEC Pilot codes for the following cases:

20 PPC 
7x61 Sharpe and Hart 
7x61 Super
400/360 Purdey
7.92x33mm Kurtz
Tac 6  
22 Jet