For patch notes on Annealer and Press updates see here last updated 22/Dec/2023

AMP Press Software 

Minimum system requirements: 
Windows 10 or greater
Mac OS 10.14 or greater

Note: Not compatible with Tablets or Phones

Windows AMP Press 3.9.3

Macintosh AMP Press 3.9.3

AMP Annealer/Mate Update Software

Minimum system requirements: 
Windows 7 or greater
Mac OS 10.14 or greater
Windows Annealer Update Version 1.21 

Macintosh Annealer Update Version 1.21

***The annealers do not need routine updating.There is no need to update the annealer unless you are installing AZTEC for the first time or have an older MARK I and wish to use an amp mate.***


Step 1:

Select either the Macintosh or the Windows version and download it to your computer.
You will need to run the program after it has downloaded to install the patcher program allowing you to use it. It should be in your downloads folder or visible to run after it downloads.

After you have downloaded and installed the program to your computer, it will create a desktop icon/app as shown below:

Step 2:

Double clicking on the icon will open the software patcher as shown below:

*Be sure to click on "Check for updates" prior to updating either unit.

Here you can check for updates for both the ANNEALER and the AMP MATE.

At any time if you want to check for updates, clicking on the "Check for updates" button will open the window below. 

Here it will automatically connect to our server and download the latest version of software for both the ANNEALER and the AMP MATE. 

After the latest version of software has finished downloading you can close the above window and choose to update either the ANNEALER or AMP MATE by clicking either button, connecting the device with the provided USB cable and then following the instructions in the pop up window.

When connecting either the Annealer or the AMP Mate to your computer it will take some time to download and install the drivers which enable your computer to communicate with either device. If these drivers are not installed a popup window will show when you attempt to start the update which will prompt you to download and install them.

For instructions on updating your AMP MATE please check here