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by laboratory micro-Vickers neck hardness tests.

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Just select the correct pilot and program for your cartridge,
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What our customers say

Got the AMP machine in one piece. Proceeded to anneal everything brass in sight. Thank You for this wonderful product.

Ralph - USA

Annealed some 6mm Dasher brass and FL sized this morning and again found another benefit. I was able to adjust the the FL die up higher as the case shoulder is being pushed back and staying there instead of springing back. I aim to set the shoulder back 1-2 thou. and I certainly achieved that goal.

Thanks again,

Chris Schulz - Australia

Received my annealer today. It was very well packed and in perfect shape. The pilots appeared to be very well made and the cover was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for a great engineered product……

William Lewis - USA

I fired the first batch of annealed reloads over a chronograph. On virgin Lapua 308 brass, my standard deviation is around 14fps. The annealed brass gave a 4.2fps SD! Excellent result. Was a bit windy to make a call on the accuracy, but still good.

I’m really enjoying using this machine. There are so many intuitive features that have taken into account how it’s used. You can be very proud of your baby.

I’ve been reloading for almost thirty years, the last ten for long range. Neck sizing bushing dies and electronic force restoration scales have previously made the biggest contribution to better loading. This annealer and the uniformity and consistency of the brass after, stands to overshadow all that. Happy days!

Thanks & regards

Christian Neubauer – Gunsmith: Beretta New Zealand

I took my gun to the indoor range last night. It is only a 25-yard range, so I wasn't looking at accuracy, just measuring numbers. I used the new Labradar to measure.

Here is the 6.5x47 with 140gr bergers

10 shots UN-ANNEALED:

Stats FPS
Average 2837.00 fps
Highest 2852.67 fps
Lowest 2821.55 fps
Ext. Spread 31.12 fps
Std. Dev 10.37 fps

...And here are 10 shots ANNEALED:

Stats FPS
Average 2826.64 fps
Highest 2833.97 fps
Lowest 2820.17 fps
Ext. Spread 13.80 fps
Std. Dev 4.16 fps

Kevin Iwata. USA

The annealer is so easy to use, almost zero setup time, and it gives repeatable results. I can’t imagine going back to my old torch based unit.

Bryan Otey - USA

Mate I have to say that I am gob smacked at the ease of use, the speed, and the quality of the "build". This in indeed a Rolls Royce quality machine. Congratulations.

Anthony Berry - Australia

My AMP arrived last Thursday, the additional pilots on Monday, and I have been busy annealing everything I can get my hands on.

Mark me, this thing is going to revolutionize a critical stage in the reloading process. I can envision a point in the near future when every serious reloader, regardless of his discipline, will find it absolutely essential to own and operate the AMP. You have done some very good work.

My testing thus far has been very limited, but I can report a preliminary decrease in group size of about 25%.  As soon as I have enough results to qualify as statistically significant, I will forward the data.


Andy Curtis - USA

Testimony of how well machine works - I have had terrible trouble with consistent neck tension on my 300 WSM even when cases were gas annealed. After using the AMP to anneal my Norma cases, I shot my first ever possible with this gun and have followed up with a double possible at 800 metres and several more since. I use an arbour press with a pressure gauge attached for loading. Since starting to use the AMP it is not uncommon for me to have as little as 1 lb. variation in seating pressure over the 24 rounds I load for a competition. Prior to the AMP I thought I had done well if I could get down to 20 lb. variation over the 24 rounds.

Neville Roberts - Australia

You may be interested in this fact. After annealing with AMP, we placed 21 rounds of 7mm SAUM over chrono with a SD of 3.6.

To add to this I have a pressure gauge set onto my Arbour Press and each and every case sets Projectiles at the same pressure each time within 2 to 4 thou

AMP is the best purchase of my shooting world. Thanks for the equipment.

David Seal - Australia

I did some testing last Thursday before our GB nationals (1000,1100,1200 yards)

I set up my Labradar and chronographed two rifles over a match string, at 1000 yards, my results were excellent, on average 10 fps lower ES on both rifles, some were showing the same speed shot per shot.

I have never had ES like this. Also I won the gold medal at 1000 yards on Sunday