AMP MATE (Revised)

*Original version pictured, new pictures coming soon

The AMP MATE allows for hands free operation of both the MARK I and MARK II annealers and can comfortably handle any case from 300 Blackout up to 338 Lapua Magnum.

We have made many changes since the first model which are designed to improve performance and prevent jams both mechanical and electrical.

AMP MATE Features:
  • No Assembly required.
  • Capable of handling cases sizing from 300 Blackout to 338 Lapua Magnum.
  • USB Port for software updates.
  • Able to interface with Dillon and Hornady case feeders with a suitable stand
  • Quick to set up and to change out.
  • User accessible for future parts upgrades and spares.

AMP MATE (Revised) Features
  • Eject limit switch added to stop the cycle if a case gets stuck at the eject point.
  • Ferrite filter now incorporated into main PCB which prevents communications jams.
  • Short USB cable included as a result of not needing the attached filter.
  • Increased power output of the insert and eject servo motors.
  • Sensor modified to prevent loss of position jams.
  • Improved eject mechanism to prevent certain cases such as 6BR from failing to eject properly
  • Modified eject chute to prevent cases from contacting the sensor cable.
  • Improved the design of the aluminium brackets for the insert mechanism to prevent the slider binding.

AMP MATE (Revised) overview video

AMP MATE Instruction video