Software updates to your Annealer and AMP MATE are required and info on how is explained here

Matt Findlay - 12/09/2018


NOTE: We have temporarily discontinued the AMP MATE and are working on improvements to its design to make it more consistent. A number of customers had units which required modifications to allow them to work properly. We do not have a confirmed release date but should be re-releasing them soon.

For instruction on how to setup and run the AMP MATE with your annealer see the video below, we recommend pausing it at each stage while you set it up.

The software for the annealers to interface with the AMP MATE is now part of the latest AZTEC release software. (You do not need to purchase AZTEC to run the new software)

To install the software, download the latest release located here (The software is currently being adapted for MAC and that version will be available soon.)

There is also already an update for the AMP MATES which we have already shipped and this update can be found below.


Updating the AMP MATE is very similar to the annealer however there is a procedure which must be followed before you can connect your AMP MATE to your computer. It is as follows:

Step 1:
Connect the power jack to your AMP MATE.

Step 2:
Press and hold the power button until the top two green lights are replaced by the red and blue lights as shown below:

Step 3:
Connect your computer to your AMP MATE by using the USB cable supplied with the annealer as shown below. Your computer will automatically download and install the drivers. We recommend leaving it for five minutes before starting the update:

Step 4:
Download the update software for the AMP MATE for Windows here and MAC (coming very soon). After installing the update to your computer and running the application the instructions which display after you click START are as the ones above. 

Note: After the AMP MATE is connected to your computer and instructions are followed on the updater it can take 10-20 seconds for the update to start.

Some additional notes not covered by our video and things we are currently improving as of 12/09/2018:
  • To have the AMP MATE connect to the annealer, turn the AMP MATE and ANNEALER on at roughly the same time. If you leave one turned on and idle and then start up the other they sometimes won't connect.
  • To turn off the AMP MATE press and hold the power button until the lights go out.
  • To clear a jam (red flashing light) it is best to turn off the AMP MATE and turn it back on then navigate to the shell holder position menu in the AMP MATE SETUP page to move the shell holder to the eject position allowing you to clear the jam.
  • If you find your AMP MATE cycle has paused with the shell holder in the eject position and with a case still in the shell holder this usually means that the case is not annealed. Simply remove the case by hand (use a damp cloth to be safe) and drop it back in the hopper/tube to be annealed. Press START on the annealer to resume the cycle.
  • There is a known bug at this time where changing from AZTEC after running a cycle to STANDARD mode and running a cycle will not anneal the first case in the cycle. If you wish to run STANDARD after running AZTEC we recommend either turning both units off and then on again and running the desired cycle or to drop the first case back in the hopper/tube after the first cycle.
*this list will be updated regularly as we get feedback and make changes.