Another tool to help identify trends

Matt Findlay - 10/03/2023


Update 3.5.2 to the AMP Press is now available.

In this update we have added what we think is a very useful feature to the sorting ability of the press. It allows users to add velocity data to each trace.

Now you can load your rounds using the press, shoot and record the velocity data, and then come back and retrospectively add the velocity to each trace. You can then go into the new color gradient tab which allows you to add a color gradient to all the traces sorted by velocity. We have also added the ability to highlight on-target flyers in the legend columns.  

Once you add the color gradient, all the traces will be colored from green, through to yellow and then red. Green being the slowest velocity, yellow being the middle and red being the fastest. This will highlight the area of the trace where the mean velocities are bunched together, and that should assist users on sorting trends when loading the same cases next time.

In the example below we see all the traces which had a velocity in the middle of the range colored in yellow. While it is obvious some of these traces appear as flyers (the one at the top of the chart area which also has the peak force) most of them are very close together throughout the seating process.
You can see a very tight grouping of the middle velocity traces at the initial seating stage at Point A and as the initial peak force flattens out at point B. Even though there is more spread after this point there is an obvious grouping of the middle velocities at point C.

The above example was a very small data set and is by no means conclusive. As more data is accumulated, hopefully clearer trends will emerge. These will very likely vary from reloader to reloader. The ability to predict future velocity spreads will always be a best average. We have not yet had time to generate on-target flyers correlated to traces, but that function is also now live for users to experiment with.