Causes the ram to jam down

Matt Findlay - 28/02/2023


Recently some AMP Press users have reported a fault with the press where after performing either a Find X Zero or a GO command, the ram will come down and stay jammed in the down position, locking up the press.

After much trouble shooting, the cause for this problem has been identified. It is due to the front bearing on the cam shaft, which is located behind the position sensor, coming loose and sliding forward, contacting the pins on the sensor.

This causes the sensor to short out and causes the fault.

We believe this is not an issue for most Press's however and think it is due to some batches of ram assemblies having slightly less thick anodizing causing the bearing diameter to be slightly larger and not retain the bearing properly.   

The two photos below show the bearing fully inserted, and what it looks like when it has slid forward.

We have made a simple, easy to install fix which prevents this issue from occurring. It is a nylon tab which is inserted between the bearing and the sensor. The two bolts which hold the sensor and cover in place can be removed, exposing the bearing. The tab can then be inserted and the sensor reinstalled.
It is strongly advised for press users to check that their bearing has not slid forward to prevent damage to the PCB should the fault occur. We will be sending the tab to all press customers at our expense so that they can be installed to prevent the problem.
The photos below show the tab and its installation.