Total rewrite of the source code to address compatibility issues as well as implement bug fixes and improvements.

Matt Findlay - 2/06/2022


The AMP Press was initially released in July of last year (2021) and since then it has been great to see people using it and seeing the various ways the data can be interpreted. We have also had a lot of feedback on the software and it has not been without its bugs. 

We have now got a dedicated software team working on the press software and they have completely rewritten the code from the ground up. This was done to address some compatibility issues some customers were seeing as well as addressing some bugs such as connections issues, graphical glitches, random crashes, traces not showing etc.

We also took the opportunity to add some improvements to the user interface. For example, we decided the way we were saving, loading and comparing traces was clunky and not very intuitive. Instead of having to create a cartridge profile, name a session etc, the user can now open the app and start generating data right away and save it to a location of their choosing after finishing using the File > save session function. You can load an existing session from the same location with the added feature of being to continue from where you left off should you so desire. 

Comparing sessions has changed as well. Now if you have finished a session, saved it and want to compare it to a previous one you simply click "load compare" which will open the explorer where you can locate the folder you saved the trace into and then load the trace into the display area as well as the legend. The new eyeball icon allows you to toggle the visibility on or off. 

We have also added two new sorting modes to the legend. "Terminal force" and "Starting position". Terminal force is the final force the trace stops at and can sometimes be below the peak force. Starting force, sorts traces from where they initially start along the X axis. This variance can be large if case length varies as well as bullet length. 

We have now also added a static number column to the left of the legend to make it easier to keep track of where a case should go when sorting rounds using the legend (highlighted in red below and sorted by Terminal Force.)

There have been many other small tweaks and improvements during this rewrite and due to the work involved this has taken a considerable number of hours to achieve and we simply had to omit certain features in order to get this version out in a timely manner. Features such as the X Y Coordinate cursor, Dark mode were not included in this release but will be added in the next version. Bluetooth is also still being worked on and has proven more difficult than fist envisaged but we will get there.

What's next? 

Now that we have the team in place and a more solid foundation on which to work with, new additions to the software should be much easier to implement going forward. Bluetooth is being worked on and is coming very soon. We also are looking closely at how we can display the data, highlighting traces which go outside the norm automatically, allowing users to add external data such as velocity, case prep method and target info (favorable, not favorable, indifferent), potentially allowing for the software to learn what is good and what is bad with the more data it gets.

You can download this latest version from our download page and the patch notes are also available on the same page.