Making an account

Matt Findlay - 21/03/2022


We have recently added the option to make an account on the USA Domestic webstore >>> Click here <<<.
This will allow you to register your shipping and contact information with as well as add items into your cart which are not currently in stock.

This will place you in a queue for that item and you can see where in the queue you are.

Due to the demand for the MARK II, we will be placing an updated message on its buy now page informing you of when, what time and how many annealers we will be putting into stock so you can see if that number is within your queue placing. 

If your position in the queue is within the number of product being entered into stock then you will receive and email confirming that you can now complete the checkout process.

NOTE: Make sure that you have no other back ordered items in your cart with the exception of the item you are specifically waiting on as ALL items in your cart MUST be in stock for you to complete the checkout process.

Once you have received a conformation email you will have 24 hours to complete the transaction. If you fail to complete the transaction you position in the queue will go to the next customer and you will loose your position in the queue.

If you have any problems with the checkout process please let us know.