Matt Findlay - 13/10/2018


Introducing Annealing Made Perfect’s MARK II universal annealer.

For the last two years we have been working on a new .50 BMG capable annealer. Because of numerous technical issues, we believed it would have to be a stand-alone unit, dedicated to 50 BMG and its wildcats. However, with our recent advances in our software and circuitry, and with the addition of AZTEC software, we have overcome the restrictions. Our Mark ll model is now the ultimate annealer. It is universal, accurately annealing cases from .17 Hornet right up to and including 50 BMG.


Due to the minimum ordering quantities of components, it is not realistic for us to manufacture both the original standard Mark l and new Mark ll models of the annealer. Therefore, all new annealers will be the Mark ll model.


We feel that AZTEC is now a defining feature of our annealer and should be the normal mode of operation. It allows customers complete independence in determining the exact, correct annealing settings, regardless of cartridge, brand, neck wall thickness or lot number. Click here for details. The feedback we are receiving is that most new customers want AZTEC pre-loaded.


We have therefore decided to standardize AZTEC software in every Mark ll annealer and adjust the price accordingly. Note: when we first released our AZTEC software in April, we stated that it would be an optional upgrade to existing and future machines. In practice the downloading and unlocking process has proven very cumbersome for many customers, and our distributors.

The Mark II model has the following improvements:



  • Larger inductor to suit 50 BMG.
  • Capable of annealing everything from .17 Hornet to 50 BMG.
  • Significantly more output power.
  • Ceramic heat shield in the inductor to aid in heat management.
  • Superior cooling allowing near indefinite run time on smaller cases such as 223.
  • User replaceable pilot boss should the existing one get cross threaded or damaged.
  • An increase on the Warranty from one year to 3 years.
  • AZTEC MODE included and ready to use.
  • Existing STANDARD program range expanded and updated. The expanded programs can also be patched onto existing Mark I units.


New Pilots for the .50 BMG family of cases next to Pilot #11 for comparrison

User replaceable boss and additional ceramic heat shield for superior heat protection.


Upgraded cooling fans with variable speed to provide cooling when you need it and reduced sound when you don't.

Additional air intakes and vastly improved air flow for extended endurance.