FREE Programming Service - Send us your brass!

With our own lab and micro Vickers test equipment, we have been able to research brass neck hardness and repeat-ability in great detail. We have now tested thousands of sets of brass, covering dozens of brands and neck turned variations. We even note lot to lot variations of the same brand where applicable. See our Settings page for details.

Our system works because every induction annealer we ship has been calibrated to precisely match our laboratory test unit. Every Annealing Made Perfect annealer anywhere in the world will give identical results.

Thanks to our growing number of contributors, we now have a substantial data base of settings. If your brass is not included just print off our contributors form and follow the instructions. We will test and calibrate your brass and add it to our Settings page. This guarantees the accuracy of your annealing. Even if your brass is already listed, we will confirm your settings free of charge.

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